A Queen

I am a Queen my strength soars, when I am faced with challenges it's the force from within, that keeps me, my courage and power. I am a Queen forced to stand and keep silent only to protect your feelings. Kept secrets so the abuser can go free. My strength soared. I was pushed aside left in silence to see and don't see, to believe or not believe, to agree or not agree. Am I wrong for just being ME?  Am I wrong for wanting Freedom? I am a Queen....

-Author Angela Y. Hodge

Poem from my book Daybreak: 100 Powerful Breakthrough Moments for Women


Learn to Love Yourself and Live Freely

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Daybreak Moment

Daybreak Moment is that moment when you are reminded of your self-worth. 

That moment you gain strength to keep the faith, keep doing what is right and keep believing in you. 

I Pray Daybreak Moment will encourage, and uplift you.

 Our pasts do not define who we are. Shine bright and rise above it all.

Dimple Love 

Your smile captures the heart of your soulmate. 

Your smile gives life, your ability to rise up and push past yesterday, and embrace today with great expectation. 

Smiles have meaning. They bring out your joy from within. I smile so I can stay free. 

 I smile knowing it is going to be a great day full of passion, love, and surprises. 

When you smile, look in the mirror. 

 The reflection you see is you, and your eyes capture all the beauty. 

 You are bold and beautiful. Every body part has purpose, designed and created for such a time is this. 

Embrace it, celebrate it, you can be you, and be proud to be you. Smile; rejoice in knowing your steps are ordered. 

Smile; rejoice in knowing you are a queen full of courage it is the dimple of love . . . 

-Author Angela Y. Hodge

Poem from my book Purple Love: Powerful. Bold. Magical

Give someone a smile, it could save a life.

Take a moment and reflect on what made you smile today!

We all need a DAYBREAK MOMENT to get through the day!!

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