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Dear God
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   A Queen

I am a Queen

My strength soars

When I am faced with challenges it’s the force from within,

that keeps me, my courage and power.

I am a Queen

Forced to stand and keep silence only to protect your feelings.

Kept secrets so the abuser can go free.

My strength soared.

I was pushed aside left in silence

 to see and don’t see

 to believe or nor believe

 to agree or not agree.

Am I wrong for just being me?

 Am I wrong for wanting freedom?

I am a Queen

I stood the test of time. I stood through the shame.

 I raised a strong black man when a father was absent in the home.

I was healed from sickness.

 I forgot about my pain, my struggles, just to make sure my children was okay.

I am a Queen

Through the word I released the things that ripped me apart.

Are you afraid of my courage or my ability to speak truth?

I am a Queen full of hope, faith, and confidence.

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