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Daybreak Gaining Strength Through Our Pain Book 1
Inspirational/ Poetry Book
Daybreak: Gaining Strength Through Our Pain is a collection of day-to-day encouraging poems, letters, and Scriptures, derived from trials, and tests that I experienced.

As a child, I always kept how I felt within me. So when disappointments and heartaches came, I began to express my feelings through writing.

It’s through our pain, where we gain strength.
Price: $10.00
Daybreak Rising Above It All With Praise Book 2
Inspirational/Poetry Book
“Daybreak Rising Above It All With Praise” is a collection of day-to-day encouraging poems, prayers, and Scriptures derived from tests and trials I had to overcome to claim victory toward healing and recovering from the pain of my childhood.

In the midst of my fears I had to discover the courage deep from within and find the strength to give God praise. On my journey toward forgiveness, through faith, I allowed God to come into my heart. At that point God transformed my heart one layer at a time and healed it from past hurt.
Price: $10.00
Daybreak A Prayer Book for Children Book 3
Prayer Book
Daybreak: A prayer book for children is a collection of prayers and Scriptures to help teach and encourage children to build a personal relationship with God. The prayers will also teach children how to develop a daily prayer life. Prayer is simply communicating with God. When we pray we have to have faith to believe, and never lose hope. There is power in prayer. Prayer changes things.
Price: $10.00
Daybreak 100 Powerful Breakthrough Moments for Women Book 4
Inspirational/Poetry Book
Daybreak 100 Powerful Breakthrough Moments for Women is a gift of encouragement with a collection of quotes, scriptures, poems, and prayers to help uplift and encourage women to embrace their power from within.
Price: $10.00
Short Stories (Only on Kindle)

One Kept Secret

Jade is three months away from graduating top of her class. She is smart and beautiful, but deep down in her heart lies a dark secret. She realizes she has to face it head on, so she could be free, but she is not prepared for what the actual truth is. Love is awakened in her when she meets Denzel. Will she be able to let go of her dark past to embrace the light of a future she’s always longed for?

A Short Story (Only on Kindle)
Price: $0.99
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A Wicked Twist of Fate

Lisette Donavan's life has been plagued by secrets and deception. She however has no clue about any of them but has reluctantly accepted her fate and all the consequences that come along with it. Fate intervenes and pushes her on a collision course with the truth. Will she figure it out before it's too late or will she forever wear the disgrace of her past?

A Short Story (Only on Kindle)
Price: $0.99
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Truth Awake You on the Other Side
An Anthology featuring my short story
"One Kept Secret"

What lingers behind A closed door? So many people live life one way in public and another in private. Journey through these stories and poems as they tackle an inside look at the consequences of sin. Open the door to deception, murder, un-forgiveness, adultery, greed, disobedience, addiction, and idolatry in this book of nine short stories and nine poems. 

A Anthology featuring 10 Authors
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