Author Angela Y. Hodge - Daybreak Moments

**Daybreak Moments**

Daybreak Moment is that moment you gain strength from within to keep doing what is right. We have the power to love, live, and stand!!

** You have to dig deep from within to pull out that love

** Because He has a purpose and plan for my life I survived!

** To forgive is to live

**Don't give up on what's important- YOU

**Love flows so others can shine

**Enjoy your life God restored unto you

**A mother's love always bring comfort to her children

**Keep the love flowing as a woman of power I encourage you to embrace your beauty from within

**When I was faced with a situation my strength
to forgive was my weapon

** When you don't love yourself
you become an easy target for the enemy

**In my DAYBREAK I gain strength to live

**Love bring change. Happiness bring blessings. By faith you can speak to the  mountain. The mountain can be whatever is hindering you from fulfilling your purpose.

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