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*Daybreak Art of Learning*

If you're looking for a break through in education that's fun and effective look no further than DAYBREAK
As a child Angela always keep how she felt within her, so When disappointment and heartaches came, Angela began to express her feelings through writing. Writing and scrapbooking was therapy for Angela.

Angela launched Daybreak Community Outreach Program new name Daybreak Art of Learning in October 2012. Formerly a teacher with the Early Head Start/Head Start Programs, Angela has over ten years of experience in teaching.

Angela is a certified Visionary Director in Leadership & Management

Daybreak Art of Learning is a program designed to allow individuals to be creative in their gifts and talents.


We provide educational workshops

Daybreak Creative Writing
Scrapbooking with Daybreak
Daybreak Book Club for Kids

Special Project
Daybreak Young Authors

Our mission is to serve each individual on a one on one level by providing educational workshops to help improve their learning.
Our vision is to build a stronger community by sharing our gifts and talents, to make a lasting impression in the lives of others.
On October 1, 2016 we added the Facebook online Women of Power Support Group
which is designed to help encourage women to embrace their power from within.

If you are a woman looking for
encouragement, support, and parenting tips
 this is the group for you!!!

Women of Power Support Group is designed to help
encourage women to embrace their power from within.

Our mission is to inspire women to stand , be strong, and love the person they was created to be..

Our vision is to build a stronger community network
through love, support, passion, and commitment.

Embrace Your Power

I can't teach my son how to be a man,
 but I can teach him how to respect women!

True beauty comes from within!

Author Angela Y. Hodge
Visionary Director
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